Physics Quicksheets - Kinematics

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  1. Vector Addition and Subtraction

    Tail-to-Tip Method of Finding Resultant of Vectors.

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    Finding Resultant Using Component Method

    * Resolve vectors into x & y components

    * Sum all the vectors in the x direction to get the resultant for the x direction, and do the same for the y components

    • * The magnitude of the resultant
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  2. Displacement (Δx):
    the change in position that goes in a straight-line path from the initial position to the final; it is independent of the path taken.

    (SI unit: m)
  3. Linear Motion:
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  4. Projectile Motion:
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    Vertical component of velocity = vsinθ

    Horizontal component of velocity = vcosθ
  5. Frictional Forces 

    Static Friction (fs):

    Kinetic Friction (fk):
    Static Friction is the force that must be overcome to set an object in motion. It has the formula:

    0 ≤ fs ≤ μsN

    Kinetic Friction opposes the motion of objects moving relative to each other. It has the formula:

    fk = μkN

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  6. Equilibrium

    First condition of equilibrium:
    First condition of equilibrium: An object is in translational equilibrium when the sum of forces pushing it one direction is counterbalanced by the sum of forces acting in the opposite direction. 

    It can be expressed as Image Upload .

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  7. Uniform Circular Motion:

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