Religious Studies - War and Peace

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  1. Four Christian beliefs about forgiveness
    • Forgiveness of sins come from the death of Jesus on the cross
    • 'love thy enemy'
    • Jesus forgave those who killed him - 'father forgive them'
    • St Paul said that we should try to live in peace with everyone
  2. What are the religious attitudes to bullying?
    • It's violence with a just cause and so a sin
    • Humans are individuals and so all precious to God
    • Its our duty to protect the weaker people, its God's wish
    • Jesus actively supported the weak
    • 'love thy neighbour'
  3. Work of the UN
    • League of Nations set the UN up after WW1 to promote peace however it wasn't accepted and failed to work
    • There are now 192 members
    • The aim: to gain world peace and to end all wars
    • At the moment there are 15 peace keeping missions happening around the world
  4. Why may Muslims agree with a war?
    • The Qur'an said the Muslims should fight back if they are attacked
    • Muhammad* fought in wars
    • 'anyone who dies fighting a just war will go to heaven'
    • Jihad is seen as the sixth pillar of Islam
  5. What are the Islamic rules on war?
    • There is no pacifism
    • Jihad (struggle in the name of Islam) and Islam (peace)
    • Must follow the rules of a Just War
    • Qur'an says that Muslims must fight if they are attacked
  6. Four causes of conflict in families
    • People breaking the rules or not meeting expectations
    • How the children should be brought up
    • Sexuality
    • Mixed faith marriages, e.g. festivals clashing
  7. Four Muslim beliefs about forgiveness
    • Allah is merciful and so Muslims should also be forgiving
    • Forgiving is one of Allah's 99 names
    • Allah will give punishment and he is merciful
    • Qur'an says to forgive and that is the word of Allah
  8. What defines a Just War?
    • Declared by Proper Authority
    • Its for a Just Cause
    • Its fought with the Right Intentions
    • Its a Last Resort
    • Its fought Proportionally
    • Winning must be Possible
    • Fought with a Just Method
  9. Four reasons why some Christians will fight a Just War
    • It follows the rules of a Just War
    • St Paul said to obey the orders of the government
    • Jesus wasn't against armies and soldiers
    • God instigates wars and takes side in the Old Testament
  10. Four reasons why some Christians are Pacifists
    • Church leaders said the Christians should not fight in wars
    • 'love thy enemies'
    • Peace will only come if there is now war
    • The ten commandments
    • Jesus said - 'Blessed are the peacemakers'
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