Religious Studies - Environmental and Medical Ethics

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  1. Name the renewable and non-renewable energy sources
    • Renewable:
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Tidal
    • Wave
    • Geothermal
    • HEP
    • Wood (if replanted)

    • Non-renewable:
    • Wood
    • Coal
    • Oil 
    • Gas
  2. Non-religious attitudes to the environment
    • Science should find a solution e.g. new energy sources
    • Governments should limit pollution levels
    • Alternative, more sustainable lifestyles should be encouraged
  3. Muslim attitudes to the environment
    • Allah created the universe
    • Its a test of life, to look after the world for future generations
    • Sanctity of Life extends past humans
    • We cannot alter the laws of Allah's creation
    • We are all at one with creation
  4. Christian attitudes to the environment
    • God created the universe, it's a gift
    • Humans are stewards and we should pass on the earth
    • The Golden Rule
    • Sanctity of Life extends past humans
    • 'love thy neighbour'
  5. Christian views for fertility treatment
    • We are taught to 'be fruitful and multiply'
    • God gave us the technology and so we should use it
    • God doesn't condemn surrogacy, Abraham and Sarah use a surrogate mother to have their first child
    • Jesus' teachings of love and the Golden Rule suggest we should use it
  6. Christian views against fertility treatment
    • Only God can give and take life
    • Using donors is the same as committing adultery
    • Embryo's are alive and it is murder to destroy those that are not used
    • In the Bible infertility is part of God's plan
  7. Muslim views against fertility treatment
    • Sin of Shirk - attempting to act like Allah
    • Children have a right to know who their true parents are - its a right for all Muslims
    • Using donors id the same as committing adultery
    • Muslims should adopt instead
  8. Muslim views for fertility treatment
    • Muslims are expected to have children
    • Its seen as a great shame not to have children
    • Muslims are allowed to use science to benefit humans
    • Embryo's don't have a soul until 120 days and so can be destroyed
    • Sanctity of Life
  9. Christian views for transplant surgery
    • Jesus was a healer and we should follow his example
    • Sanctity of Life
    • Its a loving charitable act
    • The body isn't needed after death so the organs can be removed
  10. Christian views against transplant surgery
    • Sanctity of Life, we shouldn't remove the organs especially from a living donor
    • It contradicts 'thou shalt not kill'
    • Shouldn't exploit the poor
    • Is the soul in the heart
  11. Muslim views for transplant surgery
    • Its our duty to save life, not to end it
    • We can use science to benefit humanity
    • Sanctity of Life
    • 'whosoever saves the life of one person, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind'
  12. Muslim views against transplant surgery
    • Its a sin of Shirk - trying to act like Allah
    • Allah decides when to end life
    • Life is a test and so we should live as we are
    • The afterlife needs the whole body
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