Romantic period music

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  1. What is an art song ? 
    Composition for solo and piano.
  2. What is a song cycle ? 
    Art song grouped in a set
  3. What is symphonic poem ?
    Oneoven wet movement orchestral composition based to some extent on literary or pictorial ideas.
  4. What is a concert overture ?
    One movement, usually in sonata form ,establishes mood.
  5. What is program music?
    Instrumental music associated with a story proem, idea, or scene.
  6. Who wrote "Symphonie Fanatstique?"
    Hector Berlioz
  7. what is idee fixe ?
    Fixed idea, single melody
  8. What is nationalism?
    Romantic composers deliberately created music with a specific national identity.
  9. What is verismo opera?
    Dramatic opera supposed to be more realistic. Women always dies
  10. What is leitmotif?
    short musical idea associated wit a person, object, or thought in the drama.
  11. Who was Franz Schubert ?
    • (1797-1828)
    • from Vienna 
    • father was a school teacher 
    • he didn't like reaching so he lived a very artistic lifestyle. 
    • Wrote and published (income)
    • Died of syfilis
  12. Who was Robert Schumann ?
    • (1810-1856)
    • from Germany 
    • planned to go into law but changed to convert pianist.
  13. Who ruins there hand after using a device to play the  piano?
    Robert Schumann
  14. Who founded a music journal?
    Robert Schumann
  15. Who was Clara Schumann?
    • Daughter of Roberts teacher 
    • runs off an marries Robert 
    • after Robert diEd she went back to become a concert pianist and began to teach
  16. Who is one of the most well known female composers?
    Clara Schumann
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