Urinary System

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  1. Primary role of Urinary system for homeostasis is to.....
    • Regulate Extracellular Fluid Volume and Osmolarity
    • Maintain Ion and Ph Balance
  2. Function of the urinary system is to remove, wastes, foreign substances and excess nutrients such as.....
    1. Urea, Urobilinogen, Urates, Uric Acid, and Creatinine & Creatine
  3. Function of the urinary system for hormones and enzymes include....
    • Erythropoietin
    • Prostoglandins
    • Renin
    • Help convert Vit D into a hormone or active form.
    • Kallikrein
    • Thromboxane
  4. What is micturation?
    Stimulated by?
    • Storage of urine and urination
    • Stimulated by parasympathetic nerves to the detrusor muscle
  5. THe kidneys use four major processes to control the composition of blood, what are they?
    • GLomerular Filtration
    • Tubular Reabsorbtion
    • Tubular Secretion
    • Excretion
  6. What are the three layers of the Ureters?
    Innermost to outermost
    • Tunica Mucosa
    • Tunica Muscularis
    • Fibrous
  7. Ureters carry out _________ and stimulated by ........
    • Peristalsis
    • Stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system
  8. What are the 3 layers of the Urinary Bladder?
    • Tunica Mucosa (EPithelial layer)
    • Submucosal Layer (Loose Connective tissue)
    • Muscular Layer (which includes detrusor layers)
  9. PCT has...............
    ____% of reabsorbtion occurs here
    • Cuboidal epithelium & Microvilli
    • 80%
  10. Distal Convoluted Tubule (DCT) has.......
    ___% of reabsorbtion occurs here
    • Cuboidal Epithelium & Microvilli
    • 18%
  11. Loop oh henle has.....
    • Squamosal epithelium
    • Thick a& thin Descending limb
    • Thin Ascending Limb
  12. What type of epithelium are the collecting duct and papillary duct comprised of?
    Has ____ & _____ Cells.
    Dumps into ____ _____
    • Mostly Columnar Epithelium
    • Has Principle & Intercalated Cells
    • Dumps into the minor Calyces
  13. What do JG cells secrete when stimulated by the _____ _____ located in the _______.
    Secrete renin when stimulated by the macula densa located in the DCT.
  14. What are the 2 types of nephrons?
    • Cortical - Which dont penetrate the medulla
    • Juxtamedullary - Do penetrate the medulla
  15. Bowmans capsule & GLomerulus
    Outer Layer =
    Inner Layer = _______ contains....
    What can contract to close filtration slits?
    • OL = Parietal¬† - Simple Squamous Epithelium
    • IL = Visceral - Contains:
    • Podocytes w/ filt slits/pores w memb stretched across the pores.

    What can close/open filtration slits? Pedicels
  16. Approx how long are the ureters?
    10 - 12 inches
  17. What two processes aid or influence the filtering process?
    • Filtering COefficient (how wholy filt memb is)
    • A difference in pressures cause filtration.
  18. What 3 things wont filter????
    • Formed elements (ex)
    • Large Proteins
    • Conjugates of proteins (things that attach to it)
  19. Pressure formula =
    P = pGC - pBC - pieGC
  20. What is the net pressure pushing out of the glomerulus?

    What it filtration coefficient in males?
    What it filtration coefficient in females?

    What is glomerular filt rate in males per min?
    What is glomerular filt rate in females per min?
    10 - 16mm Hg

    • filtration coeficient (Kf) in males? 12.5mmHg
    • filtration coeficient (Kf) in females? 10 mmHg

    • Male Glomerular Filtration Rate = 125mL/min
    • Female Glomer. Filtration Rate=115mL/min

    GFR = Net Filtration x Kf
  21. How many % of filtrate do we excrete everyday?
    1-2L Day, rest gets reabsorbed
  22. How much urine is produced per min for an average healthy person?
    • 1.25 mL/min
    • 75 mL/hr
    • 1.8L/day

    Drops as we age
  23. Factors that affect filtration rate:

    Increase resistance of the afferent arteriole
    Increase resistance of the afferent arteriole
    Increase resistance of the afferent arteriole
    Increase resistance of the afferent arteriole
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