Home Economics - Preparing to Cook

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  1. What are the kitchen safety guidelines?
    1. Never run in the kitchen

    2. Use oven gloves

    3. Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands

    4. Do not walk around with a knife or hot saucepan

    5. Wipe up spills immediately
  2. What work routine should be followed in cookery class?
    1. Wash hands

    2. Tie back hair and put on apron

    3. Gather all equipment

    4. Weigh ingredients

    5. Preheat the oven
  3. What unit is used to measure solids?
    Grams (g)
  4. What unit is used to measure liquids?
    Millilitres (ml)
  5. List three reasons why a person may want to modify a recipe
    1. To make it healthier

    2. To make it suitable for people with special dietary needs

    3. To increase or reduce the size of the dish
  6. List two ways a recipe may be modified to reduce its fat content
    1. Use low fat milk

    2. Use Flora instead of margarine
  7. List two ways a recipe may be modified to reduce its sugar content
    1. Use artifical sweeteners

    2. Do not ice cakes or buns
  8. List two ways a recipe may be modified to reduce its salt content
    1. Use herbs instead of salt

    2. Do not use stock cubes
  9. List two ways a recipe may be modified to increase its fibre content
    1. Leave skins on fruit and vegetables

    2. Use brown rice, pasta or bread
  10. Outline the procedure that a person should follow while doing the washing up
    1. Use hot water with washing up liquid

    2. Stack all the dirty dishes on one side

    3. Drain dishes on the other side

    4. Dry thoroughly
  11. What does it mean to preheat the oven?
    This is heating up the oven to a certain temperature before putting in breads and cakes to cook.  It usually takes 10 minutes to heat up
  12. What is al dente?
    This is cooking food so they still have a bite and are not too soft eg. vegetables
  13. What is a roux?
    This is a mixture of equal amounts of fat and flour and is used as a base for sauces
  14. What is a raising agent?
    This produces a gas in a mixture and causes it to rise eg. baking powder
  15. What is meant by sauté?
    This is frying food gently for a short time in hot fat
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