Home Economics - Introduction to Nutrition

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  1. List three functions of food in the body
    1. Heat and energy

    2. Growth and repair

    3. Helps fight disease
  2. List five factors that can affect our choice of food
    1. Cost

    2. Lifestyle

    3. Likes and dislikes

    4. Culture and tradition

    5. Religious rules
  3. What is malnutrition?
    This is having too little or too much of certain foods
  4. What are the six nutrients found in food?
    1. Protein

    2. Fat

    3. Carbohydrate

    4. Vitamins

    5. Minerals

    6. Water
  5. What is a macronutrient?
    These are eaten in large amounts and need to be broken down eg. protein, fat and carbohydrate
  6. What is a micronutrient?
    These are needed in smaller amounts and do not need to be broken down eg. vitamins and minerals
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