US History Review Chapters 37-41

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  1. Sunbelt
    Area in the US that has experienced the largest growth in population since 1960
  2. George Kennan
    Soviet specialist who developed the US policy of containment
  3. African-Americans
    Group which showed more militancy and restlessness after WWII
  4. Conformity
    Major criticism by 1950s beats
  5. Suburbia
    Population growth here can be attributed to the baby boom, new highways, “the white flight” and gov’t loans for mortgages
  6. NATO
    US participation in this organization marked a turn away from isolationism
  7. Brown v. Board of Education
    Sup. Ct. decision stating segregation was unconstitutional
  8. The Feminine Mystique
    Book discussing boredom of housewives
  9. Baby boomers
    Generation that has been the largest growth in population, now placing strains on the SS system
  10. NSC-68
    Report that called for a massive increase in military spending
  11. Federal Highways Act
    The largest public works project during Eisenhower’s term
  12. Cuba
    Island in which JFK ordered a naval blockade after the Soviets placed missiles on it
  13. Eastern Europe
    Area which the US and Soviets fought over following WWII
  14. Joseph McCarthy
    Charged that dozens of communists were working in the state department
  15. American workforce
    Group in which white-collar workers outnumbered blue-collar workers
  16. Lyndon Johnson
    President who had an easier time working with Congress than his predecessor
  17. Tonkin Gulf Resolution
    Law in which Congress basically granted the president war-declaring powers
  18. Vietnamzation
    Policy of Nixon to gradually withdrawal US troops from Vietnam
  19. Watergate Scandal
    Exposed obstruction of justice, illegal use of the IRS, CIA, and FBI, and burglarizing enemies’ offices
  20. AIM
    Group which seized Alcatraz and Wounded Knee SD
  21. 24th Amendment
    Amendment which outlawed poll taxes
  22. 26th Amendment
    Lowered the minimum voting age to 18
  23. War Powers Act
    Law requiring a president to notify Congress if US troops are deployed
  24. Jimmy Carter
    President who emphasized honesty
  25. Tet Offensive
    The most serious blow to LBJ’s Vietnam policy
  26. Henry Kissinger
    Nixon’s chief foreign policy advisor
  27. Israel
    US support for this country led Arab countries to enact an oil embargo
  28. Afghanistan
    When the Soviets invaded this country, Carter boycotted the 1980 Olympics
  29. Service Economy
    Shift to this caused a decline in the productivity of American workers
  30. Détente
    time of relaxed tensions with the Soviets
  31. Gerald Ford
    President who pardoned Nixon for any wrongdoing while president
  32. Edward Kennedy
    Presidential candidate whose campaign was damaged surrounding a drunk driving accident
  33. New Right
    Activists mostly concerned with social and cultural issues
  34. Soviet Union
    According to Reagan, this was the evil empire
  35. Ethnic Hatred and Wars
    Grew after the fall of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe
  36. Saddam Hussein
    Stayed in power in Iraq despite losing the Persian Gulf War
  37. Ronald Reagan
    President who supported both the common man and big business
  38. Geraldine Ferraro
    First woman to receive a VP nomination
  39. George HW Bush (41)
    Called for a new world order in which democracy would be supreme
  40. Bill Clinton
    Elected in 1992 primarily because of the economy
  41. U.S. Dollar
    As a result of Reagan’s economic policies this grew in value
  42. Sandra Day O’Connor
    First woman to serve on the Supreme Court
  43. Persian Gulf War
    Conflict caused by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait
  44. Evangelical Christians
    Group who formed the “New Right”
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