Humanities Chapter 20

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  1. 1. What is meant by “animist beliefs”?
    )The use of rituals and ceremonies to control the natural world
  2. Aroundthe year C.E. 1000, which African kingdom was probably the world’s mostimportant gold producer?
    b) The Kingdom of Ghana
  3. .What West African kingdom began to grow in power as the kingdom of Ghanadeclined?
    )The Kingdom of Benin
  4. Which African kingdom flourished in the 1300s, 1400s, and early 1500s?
    )The Kingdom of Zimbabwe
  5. .What position was held by the “Oba” of Benin?
  6. What is the name of the greatest stone ruins yet found in southern Africa?
    )Great Zimbabwe
  7. .During the Middle Ages, what new religion was introduced into sub-Saharan Africa?
  8. . What language was used in early African literature?
  9. 9. What language influenced Swahili?
    c) Arabic
  10. 10. Who was the most important writer and thinker of twentieth-century Senegal?
    b) Leopold Senghor
  11. . Who, in 1986, was the first African to receive the Nobel prize for literature?
    c) Wole Soyinka
  12. 12. What is the subject of Mofolo’s Chaka?
    TheZulu king Shaka
  13. 13. Why was Mofolo’s Chaka not published until 1925?
    Themissionary press refused to publish it
  14. 14. What political position did Leopold Senghor hold from 1960 until his retirement in 1980?
    d) President of Senegal
  15. 15. What was the title of Chinua Achebe’s first book (published in 1948)?
    a) Things Fall Apart
  16. 16. What was the source of the title Things Fall Apart?
    c) A line from a poem of W.B.Yeats
  17. 17. What is generally considered to be the both the first novel (1906) by an African and the first written in an African language?
    b) Traveler of the East
  18. 8. Why was Achebe criticized for writing in English?
    )It seemed a capitulation to English colonialism
  19. 9. What was Achebe’s defense for writing in English?
    a) It could reach the largest audience
  20. 20. What has been the primary function of traditional African art?
    b) For social and ritual purposes
  21. 21. Why until recently would the idea of a museum or gallery be alien to African art?
    c) Art was considered functional rather than purely aesthetic
  22. 22. How have themes of colonization and the impact of the West become integrated in African art?
    b) It incorporates elements of colonial and traditional African culture
  23. 23. What type of African art was used to transform or to conceal identities?
    b) Highly stylized masks
  24.  24. What great twentieth-century artist was greatly influenced by the art of African masks?
    d) Picasso
  25. Whatimportant type of American music derives ultimately from the African ancestorsof African-Americans?
    b) Jazz
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