MIC 541-Exam 4- Antimicrobials V-4

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  1. MRSA became completely resistant by gaining what?
    van genes
  2. There is a strain of Enterococcus in Michigan that is able to do what?
    Transfer van genes to MRSA
  3. What is red man syndrome?
    Vancomycin toxicity
  4. What types of Vancomycin adversities exist?
    • Nephrotoxic
    • Ototoxic
    • Red man syndrome
    • Cardiac effects
    • rashes
    • phlebitis
    • neutropenia
  5. What can cause neutropenia, phlebitis, red man syndrome, cardiac issues, nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity and skin rashes?
  6. What is red man syndrome due to?
    histamine effect
  7. What ways can you reduce red man syndrome from vancomycin?
    Slow IV infusion
  8. Slow IV infusion can reduce what Vancomycin adversities?
    Red Man syndrome
  9. Nephrotoxicity of vancomycin can be reduced by doing what?
    Continuous infusions
  10. Continuous infusions of vancomycin can reduce what adverse effect?
  11. Telavancin is related to Vancomycin how?
    Synthetic derivative
  12. What is a synthetic derivative of Vancomycin?
  13. What is the advantage f Telavancin over Vancomycin?
    Once daily dosing due to a 9hour half life
  14. What is the half life of Telavancin?
    9 hours
  15. How is Telavancin administered?
    • IV
    • When was Telavancin approved by the FDA?
    • 2009
  16. What is the mechanism of action for Vancomycin?
    Inhibits cell wall synthesis
  17. What is the mechanism of action for Telavancin?
    Inhibits cell wall synthesis
  18. What Glycopeptide disrupts membranes by depolarization?
  19. Telavancin inhibits protein synthesis, like vancomycin and what else?
    Disrupts cell membrane through depolarization
  20. What is a disadvantage of Televancin?
    More nephrotoxic than vancomycin
  21. Production of Telavancin began when?
    delayed until 2011
  22. What are the major multi-drug resistance threats?
    • MRSA
    • VRE
    • Carbapenemase producing enteronacteriaceae
    • MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • MDR Acinetobacter baumannii
    • Extremely Drug resistant tuberculosis
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