Chapter 3

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  1. What is Rokeach's Value Survey?
    • Rokeach classified the values that people hold into two sets.
    • Terminal: Goals that individuals would like to achieve during their life time.
    • ex. happiness, mature love, pleasure, salvation

    Instrumental: Preferable ways of behaving. Ex. ambitious, cheerful, clean, forgiving
  2. What is Hofstede's Framework?
    • For assessing cultures
    • 1. Power distance - Social acceptance of unequal power distribution
    • 2. Individual vs collectivism
    • 3. Masculinity vs. famininity
    • 4. Uncertainty avoidance
    • 5. Lon-term vs. short-term orientation
  3. What is GLOBE Framework?
    • Identifies different values in different cultures around the world.
    • assertiveness
    • future orientation
    • gender differentiation
    • uncertainty avoidance
    • power distance
    • individualism/collectivism
    • in-group collectivism
    • performance orientation
    • humane orientation
  4. Talk about 4 generational differences.
    • The Elders: likes rules, authority and discipline.
    • Baby Boomers: spoiled, hedonistic, rebellious, reject big businesses and gov't
    • Gen X: want flexibility, life options and job satisfaction
    • Gen Y: high expectation, want meaning out of their work, high maintenance but high performance, ease with diversity
  5. What is job satisfaction?
    An individual's attitude general attitudes toward his or her job.
  6. How do employees voice their dissatisfaction?
    • Exit: actively attempting to leave the organization
    • Voice: actively and constructively attempt to improve conditions.
    • Loyalty: passively waits for conditions to improve.
    • Neglect: passively allows conditions to worsen.
  7. Identify 3 Organizational commitment.
    • Affective commitment: an individual's relationship to the organization.
    • Normative commitment: the obligation an individual feels to staying with the organization.
    • Continuous commitment: an individual's calculation that it is in his best interest to stay with the organization based on the perceived costs of leaving the organization.
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