1066 Terms

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  1. Edward "the Confessor"
    • English king at the beginning of 1066
    • didn't specify heir
  2. Lanfranc
    • Italian churchman
    • wanted to reform English church b/c:
    • simony
    • luxury
    • pluralism
    • all work in English not Latin
  3. Stamford Bridge
    site where Tostig and Harald died
  4. Harald Hardrada
    • Norway
    • loves fighting and manipulated by Tostig
    • fights and dies at Stamford Bridge
  5. House-carls
    • professional soldiers
    • became knights
    • well trained and had swords
  6. Pevensey
    • site where Harold and William fight
    • William wins and Harold dies/ escapes
  7. Harold Godwinson
    • believes he should inherit throne
    • eventually dies and defeated by William
  8. Fyrd
    • Amateur part-time army
    • made of citizens not soldiers
  9. Hastings
    • where William plundered villages for food
    • tried to lure Harold here
  10. Tostig
    • Harold's brother
    • joined Harald Hardrada
    • exiled for despoiling church, taxing unjustly, and twisting law to murder and rob enemies
  11. Horstede
    village author talks of in detail to explain social structure of England
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