MIC 541-Exam 4- Antimicrobials VI-4

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  1. What does Tigecycline do mechanistically?
    Binds to the A site of the ribosome
  2. What binding differences does Tigecycline have from Tetracycline?
    • 5 times stronger affinity
    • binds where tetracyclines wont, i.e. methylated
  3. What impact do efflux pumps have on Tigecycline?
    Not really impacted
  4. Efflux pumps are focused on what two bacterial groups?
    Tetracyclines and Macrolides
  5. What is the impact of Ribosmal methylation on tigecycline?
    None, still binds
  6. Tetracycline resistant isolates can be combated with what other drug?
  7. Tigecycline is used in monotherapy (T/F)?
    Used to be, now more common in combination
  8. What antibiotic is associated with increased mortality?
  9. What is a Ketolide?
    A Macrolide with a ketone
  10. in what way are Ketolides beneficial over macrolides?
    • Active against Macrolide resistant strains
    • evades efflux
    • tighter ribosomal binding than macrolides
  11. What is the trade name of the Ketolide?
  12. What is the generic name for Ketek?
  13. How is Telithromycin administered?
  14. What is Ketek approved for?
    community acquired pneumoniae
  15. Ketek is important socially because?
    The MD creator of Ketek falsified Data to get her drug to the market
  16. What are the negative effects of Ketek?
    liver damage and failure
  17. What did Ketek used to be approved for?
    bronchitis and sinusitis
  18. Can you use Ketolides for sinusitis and bronchitis?
  19. What binding sites in the ribosome do Ketolides bind to?
  20. What binding sites do Ketolides bind to in the Ribosome?
  21. both
  22. What is the available Streptogramin?
    Synercid = Quinupristin-dalfopristin
  23. What do you use Synercid for?
    • VRE faecium
    • MRSA
  24. What is the mechanism of action for Synercid?
    synergistic ribosomal binding
  25. What killed the Strepogramins?
  26. What are the Oxazolidinones?
    • Linezoil
    • tedizolid
  27. Linezolid and Tedizolid are in what group antibiotics?
  28. What is the trade name for Linezolid?
  29. What is teh generic name for Zyvox?
  30. What ways can Linezolid be administered?
    PO IV
  31. What is the spectrum for Linezolid?
    All clinically relevant gram positives (including VRE and MRSA)
  32. What type of infection (in what areas of the body) is linezoild most useful?
    • Soft tissue and skin
    • pneumonia
  33. What antibiotic is preferred to Synercid?
  34. Why is Linezolid preferred over Streptogramins (Synercid)?
    • Wider spectrum
    • Oral availability
    • Fewer side effects
  35. Tedizolid is available for use currently (T/F)?
    False, it is investigational
  36. What is the downside of Linezolid?
    very expensive

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MIC 541-Exam 4- Antimicrobials VI-4
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MIC 541 Exam Antimicrobials VI

MIC 541-Exam 4- Antimicrobials VI-4
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