c430 TCA cycle

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  1. 1. What is the central area of metabolism of all macronutrients?

    2. What enzyme is responsible for turning pyruvate --> Ac CoA?

    3. How much ATP (% and # ATP) can be created under aerobic conditions? Anaerobic? (#)

    4. What are characteristics of a multi-enzyme complex? (2)
    1. Citric Acid Cycle

    2. PDH copmlex (pyruvate dehydrogenase complex!)

    3. ~38 ATP (40%), 2 ATP

    4. (1) At least one enzyme noncovalently associated with multi enzyme complex (2) catalyzes at least 2 sequential rxns
  2. What are advantages of a multienzyme complex? (3)
    1. Increases collisions (having 5 sequential reactions all in the same place makes it easier for substrates to bump into and react w/ each other)

    2. Decreases side reactions (charged organic molecules STAY in sequential reactions, less time to float off)

    3. Allows for coordinate control - one place on multienzyme complex turns ALL rxns off --> this is efficient. Otherwise each enzyme would have their own place to turn off.
  3. 1. Write rxn of pyruvate --> acetyl CoA including structures of pyruvate and acetyl CoA. 
    - dG of above rxn?

    3. What is this structure? label 6 parts (2 of them overlap into one -->3)
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  4. Describe mechanism of pyruvate --> Acetyl CoA

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