Walt's Hitching Post Menu Review

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  1. What is Chardonnay?
    "Noblest of the White Wine";
  2. Single Malt List:
    • Glenlivet (12 and 25 year)
    • Macallan (12 and 18 year)
    • Oban (14 year)
    • Johnny Walker 'blue'
  3. Single Barrel Bourbons:
    • Woodford
    • Jack Daniels
    • Knob Creek
    • Maker's 46
    • Bakers
  4. Half-Bottles of Wine:
    • King Estate and Kenwood (Pinot Noir)
    • Merryville, Joseph Phelps and Clos du Val (Cabernet Sauvignon)
    • Robert Mondavi (Merlot)
    • Cakebread and Hess (Chardonnay)
  5. Pinot Grigio
  6. White Zinfandel Wine
  7. Chardonnay Wines
    • Vista Point
    • Dark Horse
    • Picket Fence
  8. Pinot Noir
  9. Meritage Wines
    Lyeth (leeth)
  10. Cabernets:
    • Vista Point
    • Dark Horse
    • Water Brook
    • First Press: 'Napa'
  11. Beer: domestic, import, craft, 16 and 22 oz
    • Domestic - 3.75
    • Import - 4.75
    • Craft - refer to menu
    • 16oz - 5.50
    • 22oz - 7.00
  12. Well, Premium, cordials, Super Premium, rocks, up/martini charges
    • Well - 4.25
    • Premium - 5.75
    • Cordials - 6.25
    • Super Premium - 8.00
    • Rocks - 1.50
    • Up/Martini - 2.00
  13. Steve "The Kid" Cauthen
    2,700+ wins; Hall of Fame in 2004. From NKY. youngest jockey to win triple crown in 78. Successful in Europe as well.
  14. Sanchez:
    worked at Precinct for a number of years; AGM. Left Ruby's in 07; Went to Red and Mesh Restaurants; joined Walt's in Feb this year. 3 decades of experience.
  15. Chick Livers and Fried Green Tomatoes
    corn meal crusted large green tomatoes and lightly breaded chicken liver pan-seared and finished with a ramalaude sauce.
  16. Mash Potatoes
    ID potatoes with butter, cream and milk whipped into a fluffy and buttery texture.
  17. garlic herb butter
    roasted garlic, basil, tarragon and oregano with whipped butter
  18. Rib and Chicken Meal:
    1/2 rack of ribs + Chicken #2 option
  19. Cream Spinach:
    parm. Cheese, garlic, heavy cream and sherry infused with spinach
  20. Bronson's accomplishments
    • Western MI Unv. football player
    • CEO/Owner of RDI Marketing
    • NFL player agent since 03'
    • Board Member: Nat. Football Coaches Assn.
    • Father of 2 girls: Aubrey and Addison
  21. Halibut
    8 oz. Alaskan filet with Bercey sauce
  22. Fried Apples
    red apples in a bacon jowl grease and sweated down to extract the sweetness out of the apple
  23. mushrooms and onions
    button mushrooms, white onions sautéed in butter, cream and sherry
  24. New Owners
    Bronson Trebbi and Donny Arnsperger.
  25. bordelaise
    demi with a little red wine (brown sauce)
  26. hand cut fries
    kenabeck potatoes. 12 oz serving
  27. Sweet Potato
    baked and served with a cinnamon brown sugar  on the side
  28. Mac and Cheese:
    house made cheese sauce; with cavatappi pasta. finished with a crunchy topping of butter and cheeses
  29. Pork Chop
    14oz French cut; grilled over mesquite woods and finished in a bed of apples with bacon jowl
  30. Salmon
    8oz Atlantic farm-raised salmon served over a cucumber salad and finished with a soy vinaigrette
  31. Asparagus
    grilled with melted herb butter
  32. Shrimp Cocktail
    16/20 sized Tiger Shrimp, broiled and seasoned and chilled. Served with a cocktail sauce and lemon wedge.
  33. Crab Cake
    4.5 oz. 100% blue lump crab with red and green peppers, heavy whipping cream, rosemary, garlic, eggs and bread crumbs. No mayo. citrus buerre blanc sauce and remoloude.
  34. béarnaise sauce
    hollandaise with tarragon, shallots and red wine vinegar
  35. Owner's Box
    10 guests:

    the original room where Melton and his friends had high-stakes poker games at night.
  36. Scallops
    4 u-10 scallops served with cheesy garlic grits and hint of country ham.
  37. Bronson:
    RDI Marketing: has several fortune 500 clients; and making large contracts since 95'. His company has 8 locations across the country with over 1,600 employees.
  38. Original owners of Walt's:
    Mr and Mrs Walt Ballinger
  39. blue cheese butter
    crumbled blue cheese folded with whipped butter
  40. Filet Mignot (tenderloin)
    6/10oz cuts dusted and seared. Comes from spine area just short of the short loin. Hand-cut in house.
  41. Donny
    Began working at 15 at The Waterfront. Head server in 6 months. AGM in 96'. Became GM in 06' of Ruby's Carlo and Johnny's. His staff was recognized as 2nd best in the country in the Zagat survey in 09. Now wants to put his experience in his own restaurant.
  42. Latonia Jockeys Club
    2 bars, separate cocktail area and cool things. Accommodates from wedding receptions to business dinners. Up to 100 guests
  43. Green Beans
    slow cooked with onion and ham hocks
  44. NY Strip (Sirloin)
    16 oz, dusted and seared. Short Loin cut
  45. Skillet Potato and Onion
    Red onions and white onions sautéed in butter and spices
  46. Billy Melton
    Bought Walt's in 58' and put it on the map. Popular for ribs and notorious for late-night high stakes poker in back. Died in 08.
  47. Cauthan Room
    6 Guests: in honor of local jockey; youngest to win the triple crown in 78'.
  48. Brisket
    8 oz, 1/4 inch cut; Front-lower part of the cow; initially tough, but tenderizes as cooked.
  49. Mushroom Truffle Butter
    crimini and button mushrooms and white truffle oil with whipped butter
  50. Corn
    Yellow corn off the cob; cream and leeks.
  51. Baby-Back Ribs
    • 1/2 rack - 6/7 bones
    • Full rack - 12 bones

    Comes from the back of the pig.
  52. Chicken #3
    Whole Chicken: 2 legs, 2 thigh, 2 wings and 2 breast
  53. Bone In Ribeye
    16 oz cut, dusted and seared. From the rib area of cow.
  54. Mussels
    16 mussels from Port Saint George; farm raised and served with Roma Tomatoes, basil, shallots and garlic white wine sauce. Served with crustinis
  55. Twice-baked potato (loaded baked)
    40-count potato stuffed with bacon, chives, sour cream and aged cheddar.
  56. Onion Stack
    5 large butter milk vidalia onions fried and stacked in a tower and served with house ketchup.
  57. Frog Legs
    6 pan seared, farm raised and lightly battered frog legs served with a garlic white wine sauce
  58. Chicken Option #2
    Half Chicken: 1 leg, thigh, breast and wing
  59. Chicken Option #1
    Breast and Wing OR Leg and Thigh
  60. Oscar
    béarnaise and 1.5 oz of lump crab
  61. Oysters
    Orders of 6 or 12 blue point, farm-raised oysters from the East Coast. Offer horseradish, saltines and hot sauce
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