Home Economics - Special Diets

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  1. Name the two types of vegetarianism
    1. Vegans are strict vegetarians who only eat fruit, vegetables, nuts and cereals

    2. Lactovegetarians do not eat meat or fish but do eat animal products such as milk, cheese and eggs
  2. State the reasons why a person may become a vegetarian
    1. It is healthier

    2. Religious reasons

    3. Moral reasons - thinks its wrong

    4. Culture 
  3. List five factors associated with coronary heart disease
    1. High fat diet

    2. Overweight

    3. Smoking

    4. Drinking alot of alcohol

    5. Stress
  4. Suggest five ways of reducing fat in the diet
    1. Use low fat products

    2. Bake, grill or boil instead of frying

    3. Use Flora instead of margarine

    4. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

    5. Eat chicken and fish instead of fatty red meat
  5. What is the RDA for salt?
    5 grams per day
  6. Suggest three ways of reducing salt in the diet
    1. Do not add salt when cooking

    2. Flavour foods with herbs and spices instead of salt

    3. Do not eat foods high in salt eg. rashers
  7. State two advantages of a high fibre diet
    1. It prevents constipation

    2. It prevents colon cancer
  8. Define obesity
    This is when a person is 20% or more above the normal weight for their height and build
  9. What are the main causes of obesity?
    1. Overeating

    2. Lack of exercise
  10. List four problems associated with obesity
    1. Diabetes

    2. Heart attacks

    3. High blood pressure

    4. Strokes
  11. What do the letters BMI stand for?
    Body Mass Index is a measure of body fat based on height and weight
  12. What is coeliac disease?
    This is when a person cannot break down gluten in their diet
  13. What is diabetes?
    This is when the pancrease does not produce any insulin or enough insulin for the body
  14. Describe the two types of diabetes
    1. Type 1 diabetes - pancreas does not produce insulin.  Have to take injections

    2. Type 2 diabetes - pancrease does not make enough insulin.  Can be controlled by diet and exercise
  15. State three dietary guidelines for diabetics
    1. Eat regularly

    2. Use artifical sweeteners

    3. Eat high fibre foods as they keep you fuller for longer
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