Islam Terms

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  1. Mecca
    • where Ka'aba is
    • destination of hajj
  2. Hijra
    Muhammad's flight from Mecca to Medina
  3. Koran
    • written in Arabic
    • gives direct commands
  4. Shar'ia
    Islamic law according to Koran
  5. Sunni
    • thought caliph should be chosen by leaders of Muslim community
    • caliph should be pious Muslim
    • caliph is leader not religious authority
  6. Sultan
    Muslim ruler
  7. Janissaries
    Elite force of Ottoman army
  8. Ka'aba
    Shrine Muslims must make pilgrimage to at least once in their life
  9. Islam
    • means submission in Arabic
    • no clergy
  10. 5 Pillars of Islam
    • Faith
    • Prayer
    • Charity
    • Fasting
    • Hajj
  11. Shi'ite
    • thought only ture successors to Prophet should be caliphs
    • caliphs should be religious and secular rulers
  12. Averroes
    • philosopher
    • wrote about Aristotle
  13. Suleiman
    • ruler of Ottoman empire
    • brilliant general
    • conquered many laws
    • built one of most pwrful empires
  14. Millets
    religious community of non-Muslims
  15. Muhammad
    • merchant married to Khadija
    • went to Medina after kicked out of Mecca
    • unified Bedouin tribes and fought against Mecca
  16. Allah
    Arabic for God
  17. Hajj
    • pilgrimage to Mecca
    • Muslims must go at least once in life
  18. Caliph
    successor to Muhammad
  19. Sufi
    Muslim version of Zen Buddhists
  20. Yathrib/ Medina
    where Muhammad went when he left Mecca
  21. Muslim
    • "one who submits"
    • follows Islam
  22. People of the Book
    • name for Christians and Jews
    • spritually superior to polytheistic idol worshippers
  23. "rightly guided caliph"
    first four caliphs
  24. Seljuks
    • Turks migrated to Middle East and adopted Islam
    • built large empire
  25. Ottomans
    • people who migrated from Central Asia
    • captured Constantinople
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