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  1. List seven uses for eggs in cookery
    1. As part of a main course eg. quiche

    2. On their own eg. boiled

    3. Holding air eg. meringue

    4. Thickening eg. custard

    5. Binding eg. burgers

    6. Glazing eg. scones

    7. Coating eg. fish in breadcrumbs
  2. Outline the nutritive value of eggs
    1. Good source of protein for growth and repair

    2. Has no carbohydrate so it should be served with carbohydrate rich foods eg. brown bread

    3. Has unsaturated fat which is good for people with heart disease

    4. Good source of calcium for healthy bones and teeth

    5. Good source of iron for healthy blood and to preven anaemia

    6. Has no Vitamin C so it should be served with foods that have Vitamin C eg. salad
  3. List five items of information you would find on an egg box
    1. Name of the producer

    2. Class

    3. Size

    4. Country of origin

    5. Best before date
  4. State the part labelled 1 on the diagram of the egg

  5. State the part labelled 2 on the diagram of the egg

  6. State the part labelled 3 on the diagram of the egg

  7. State the part labelled 4 on the diagram of the egg

  8. State the part labelled 5 on the diagram of the egg

  9. State the part labelled 6 on the diagram of the egg

    Air space
  10. List two guidelines for storing eggs
    1. In the fridge pointed end down

    2. Store away from strong smelling foods
  11. How does cooking affect eggs?
    1.Protein coagulates

    2. They can curdle if overcooked

    3. It becomes harder to digest

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