Home Economics - Milk

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  1. Outline the nutritive value of milk
    1.Good source of protein for growth and repair

    2. It has a small amount of fat which is good for a person with coronary heart disease

    3. Excellent source of calcium for healthy bones and teeth

    4. Has no carbohydrate so it should be served with carbohydrate rich foods

    5. Has no Vitamin C and iron so it should be served with foods rich in Vitamin C and iron
  2. What effect does heat have on milk?
    1. Flavour changes

    2. Bacteria are destroyed

    3. Protein coagulates

    4. Loss of Vitamins B and C
  3. Name five different types of milk
    1. Whole milk

    2. Low fat milk

    3. Skimmed milk

    4. Fortified milk

    5. Buttermilk

    6. UHT milk

    7. Evaporated milk

    8. Condensed milk

    9. Dried milk

    10. Soya milk
  4. What is pasteurisation?
    This is heating milk to 72 degrees for 15 seconds and then cooled quickly

    It kills bacteria in the milk without spoiling the taste of the milk
  5. What is homogenisation?
    This is spreading the fat evenly throughout the milk
  6. List fives uses of milk in the diet
    1. As a drink

    2. In breakfast cereals

    3. Used in baking

    4.Added to soups and sauces

    5. Used in desserts eg. rice pudding
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