ib chapter 11

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  1. brand acquisition strategy
    purchasing existing company in the foreign country or acquiring the rights to distribute the brand locally
  2. brand development strategy
    the use of a foreign subsidiary to develop a product to compete in a local market
  3. brand equity
    making a brand recognizable and giving positive image
  4. centralized marketing strategy
    • the production and sale of goods form one central location 
    • think local act global
  5. channels of distribution
    those businesses(importers wholesalers and retailers) that connect any manufacturers product to the target market
  6. decentralized marketing strategy
    the use of local production facilities distribution centres advertising agencies marketing research companies sales rep and or retail partnerships to target specific international markets
  7. demographics
    the statistics about a human population incuding such details as age marital status income birthplace and number of certain items in the household
  8. discretionary buying power
    the amount of income that is not committed to paying for necessities
  9. disposable income
    the amount of income that is left after taxes have been paid
  10. economies of scale
    the tendency of the cost per item to go down when the items are bought or produced in large quantities
  11. flagship brand
    the leading brand of a company the brand for which the company is best known
  12. glocal
    a multinational company that operates on a local basis throughout the world a company with a very decentralized markeitng philosophy
  13. market segment
    a part of a market that is defined by a specific characteristic
  14. marketing
    all the activities incolved in the panning pricing promoting distibuting and selling of goods and services to satisfy consumers' needs and wants
  15. marketing mix
    • four P's
    • product
    • price
    • promotion
    • place
  16. marketing oppoutunity analysis
    an examination of all the competitive products within a particular product category or market segment
  17. marketing plan
    plan determining the marketing mix (four P's)  that will be appropriate for the specific market
  18. marketing research
    the collection analysis and interpretation of data used in making marketing decisions
  19. product diffrentiation
    making a product distinct from its competitors
  20. pull strategy
    a marketing strategy that targets consumer directly attempting to convince people they must have a certain product
  21. push strategy
    a marketing strategy that sells a product to retailers, importers and wholesalers but not to end use consumers
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