Vocab #6

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  1. Avarice
    • Noun
    • Definition: An excessive desire to acquire and possess wealth a combination of greed and singiness
    • Synonyms: Acquisitiveness, rapacity, greedy, stingy
  2. Avid
    • Adjective
    • Definition: Extremely eager, anxious, or enthusiastic
    • Synonyms: Zealous, keen, rabid, passionate, gung ho
  3. Bager
    • Verb
    • Definition:To tease, to annoy with a constant string of petty torments
    • Synonyms: Harass, torment, pester, irritate
  4. Baffle
    • Verb
    • Definition: To puzzle completely or to prevent from achieving a goal
    • Synonyms: Perplex, mystify, foil, frustrate, quizzical
  5. Banal
    • Adjective
    • Definition: Made stale by constant use or repittion
    • Synonyms: Prosaic, common-place, pedestrian, corny
  6. Belligerent
    • Adjective and Noun
    • Definition: Warring, actually engaged inĀ  war, warlike or hostile
    • Or
    • A party engaged in war
    • Synonyms: Martial, combative, quarrelsome
  7. Benign
    • Adjective
    • Definition: Gentle and kindly or Wholesome and favorable.
    • Synonyms: Favorable, beneficial, benevolent
  8. Bicker
    • Verb
    • Definition: To engage in petty quarreling
    • Synonyms: Squabble, haggle, dicker
  9. Bizarre
    • Adjective
    • Definition: Weird or fantastic
    • Synonyms: Outlandish, odd, queer
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