To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 20-31

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  1. cynical
    adj. distrustful of human sincerity or integrity
  2. heathen
    adj. unenlightened or uncivilized
  3. statute
    n. law
  4. vehement
    adj. showing strong feeling
  5. wary
    adj. cautious
  6. apprehension
    n. fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen
  7. brevity
    n. concise and exact use of words
  8. devout
    adj. having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment
  9. hypocrite
    n. someone who contradicts their own beliefs
  10. impertinence
    n. disrespectfulness
  11. squalor
    n. a state of being extremely dirty and unpleasant
  12. vague
    adj. uncertain
  13. recluse
    n. a person who lives a solitary life
  14. notoriety
    n. fame
  15. nondescript
    adj. lacking interesting features
  16. gait
    n. manner of walking
  17. irascible
    adj. easily made angry
  18. pinioned
    v. to bind arms or legs
  19. repertoire
    n. a stock of literature
  20. reprimand
    v. express disapproval
  21. connived
    v. secretly allow to occur
  22. railing
    n. fence

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Chapters 20-31
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