Blood 2

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  1. What is a HCT
    Hematocrit red blood cell volume
  2. What dies HCT involve
    The proportion of blood volume that is occupied by RBC's
  3. How much blood can one person donate
    1 pint
  4. How many lives can one pint of blood save
  5. How long can donated blood be stored
    Shelf life is 6 weeks
  6. How long does it take your body to replenish after giving blood
    After donating blood, you replace fluid in hours and RBC's within 4 weeks. It takes 8 weeks to restore the iron lost after donating
  7. Layers of centrifuged blood..........
    Plasma,buffy coat (WBC and Platelets) and RBC's
  8. Plasma is
    A clear liquid that contains protein
  9. Smallest plasma and helps maintain osmotic pressure
    Albumin (Type of Plasma)
  10. Transports lipids and fat soluble vitamins
    • Globulins  
    • (Type of Plasma)
  11. Blood clotting
    • Fibrinogen and Prothrombin 
    • (Type of Plasma)
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