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  1. capital intensive
    industry that requires a substantial amount of money to start or operate
  2. commune
    self sufficient community based on principles of communal property and shared responsibilities
  3. currency exchange rate
    the rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another of for gold
  4. end product imports/ exports
    imports/exports of finished manufactured products ready for use by  a consumer or by a producer of goods or services
  5. export and import permits act
    a Canadian law that is used to imposed trade sanctions on goods by means of the area control list the export control list and the import control list
  6. guilds
    associations of merchants and crafts people started in the middle ages and organized with in a town for mutual aid or business benefit
  7. interdependence
    reliance of two or more groups on the actions of one another to fulfill certain wants or needs
  8. inVestment canada acct
    ICA a canadian federal act to provide for the review of significant investments in canada by non canadians
  9. labour intensive
    an industry that requires a large number of skilled or unskilled workers
  10. primary industries
    industries that are based on raw materials from nature such as agriculture fishing trapping etc...
  11. primary resources
    raw materials stemming from a countrys primary resources
  12. protectionism
    the practice of protecting domestic industries and economies
  13. resource based imports/exports
    imports and exports of primary resources
  14. self sufficiency
    the ability to provide for all of ones basic needs without relying on anyone else
  15. semi manufactured items
    partially manufactured to the specifications of manufacturers to be finished and used in the final manufacture or assembly of products
  16. special economic measures act
    a law that authorizes the Canadian government to apply economic sanctions to response to a serious threat to international peace and security
  17. tariff
    customs duty on merchandise imports the purpose of which is to give a price advantage to similiar locally produced goods or to raise revenues for the country
  18. united nations act
    canadian act that incorporates into canadian law decisions passed by the un security council
  19. world trade organization
    the principal international organization that deals with the rules of trade between and among nations
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