HRT 225 key terms

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  1. Foodborne illness
    Disease transmitted to people by food
  2. Foodborne-illness outbreak
    When two or more people have the same symptoms after eating the same food
  3. Contamination
    • The presence of harmful substances in food.
    • contaminants: biological, chemical, and physical
  4. Cross-contamination
    Pathogens that are transferred from one surface to another.
  5. time temperature abuse
    Food that has stayed too long at temperatures that are good Afro the growth of pathogens
  6. TCS foods
    Food requiring time and temperature control for safety.
  7. Ready to eat food
    Food that can be eaten without further preparation.
  8. High-risk populations
    Some groups have a higher risk of getting a foodborne illness than others
  9. Immune system
    The body's defense system against illness
  10. Microorganisms
    Small, living organisms that can be seen only with a microscope
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