ib unit 2

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  1. advantages of international trade
    • meeting our needs
    • job creation
    • attracting investment
    • new technology
    • diverse products and services
  2. disadvantages of international trade
    • support of non democratic systems
    • cultural identity issues
    • social welfare issue
    • environmental issues
    • political issues
  3. barriers to international trade
    • tariffs
    • currency fluctuations
    • investment regulations
    • environmental restrictions
    • foreign relations and trade sanctions
    • safety regulations
    • immigration policies
  4. business climate
    the state of the business environment the con and the stock market
  5. export
    a good or service that is produced in one country and sold in another
  6. foreign direct investment FDI
    establishment of a subsidiary operation or a joint venture in a foreign country used when a company in once country wishes to expand into another country
  7. goods
    raw materials semi manufactured goods or manufactured goods
  8. import
    a good or service brought into a country
  9. fsdfs
  10. organisation for economic cooperation and development OECD
    a monitoring agency that offers governments a setting in which to discuss and develop economic and social policy
  11. outsourcing
    to obtain goods parts materials or services from and outside source
  12. portfolio investment
    purchase of shares and bonds for the income they yeild or the capital gains they may bring and not for exercising of ownership
  13. private sector investment
    free of gov control
  14. products
    a good or service
  15. public sector investment
    under direct gov control (bonds)
  16. raw materials
    natural state
  17. services
  18. trade mission
    outgoing trade missions -- visits by selected canadian firms to target foreign market
  19. trade shows
    allow potential purchaser to communicate with supplier
  20. why do companies expand internationally
    • expand markets and increase sales
    • controlling expenses
    • diversification
    • competitiveness
  21. reasons for growth in ib
    • development in tech 
    • development in transportation
    • freer borders
    • business confidence
    • global competition
    • time zones
  22. advantages of doing business in canada
    • lower production and business
    • excellen human resources
    • positive business climate
    • almost seamless north american markets
    • good infrastructure
    • quality of life
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