Cardiac Function

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  1. Sequence of events in the cardiac cycle
    Atrial systole, Isovolumetric Contraction, Rapid ejection, Reduced ejection, Isovolumetric relaxation, Rapid filling, reduced filling
  2. Pressures and Valive sequences in the RV
    • Lower pressures S/D = 18/4 (18/0)
    • Pulmonary artery S/D = 18/12 mean=15mmhg
    • R artrium a/v = 5/4 mean=3
    • RV pumps only through the pulmonary circulation
    • RV valves open sooner and close later due to differences in electrical activation and pressures
    • Pulmonary artery valve closure becomes longer during breathing-get splitting of the second heart sounds
  3. Cardiac Output
    • CO=HR*SV
    • =HR*(EDV-ESV)
    • Preload/EDV depends on HR (time for filling), muscle movment (increased venous return), blood volume and blood pressure (eg position could be a factor)

    Afterload/ESV modulated by length of cardiac myocytes and inotropic state of the heart (Can be effected by HR due to changes in Ca2+ balance)
  4. HR effects on CO
    Acts directly and indirectly via determinants of SV-particularly preload and inotropic state
  5. Ventricular-Pressure-Volume Loop
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Cardiac function
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