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  1. Accommodation
    Process of change whereby cognitive processes mature sufficiently to allow the person to solve problems that were unsolvable before
  2. Adaptation
    The ability to handle demands made by the environmet
  3. Adaptive Mechanisms
    results of conflicts between the id's impulses and the anxiety created by the conflict due to social and environmental issues.
  4. Assimilation
    Process through which humans encounter and react to new situations by using the mechanisms they already possess
  5. Attachment
    Lasting strong emotional bonds
  6. Cognitive Development
    The manner in which people learn to think
  7. Defense Mechanisms
    Results of conflicts between the id's impulses and the anxiety created by the conflicts due to social and environmental restrictions
  8. Development
    An increase in the complexity of function and skill progression
  9. Developmental Stages
    Theory that proposes that life is a series of levels of achievement
  10. Developmental Task
    Arises at a certain period in the life of an individual, successful achievement of which leads to success with later tasks
  11. Ego
    The realistic part of the person
  12. Fixation
    Inability of the personality to proceed to the next stage because of anxiety
  13. Growth
    Physical change and increase in size
  14. Id
    Resides in the unconscious, and seeks immediate pleasure and gratification
  15. Libido
    Underlying motivation to human development
  16. Maturation
    A process of differentiation and refining of abilities and skills
  17. Moral
    Relating to right and wrong
  18. Moral Behavior
    The way a person perceives the requirements of living in society and responds to them
  19. Moral Development
    The pattern of change in moral behavior with age
  20. Morality
    Refers to the requirements necessary for people to live together in society
  21. Personality
    The outward expression of the inner self
  22. Super Ego
    Contains the conscience
  23. Temperament
    The way in which individuals respond to the external and internal environments
  24. Unconscious Mind
    The part of a persons mental life of which the person is unaware
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