Chemistry unit 1

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  1. What is the relative Charge of Proton?
  2. What is the relative charge of Electron?
  3. What is the relative charge of Neutron?
  4. What is the relative mass of Electron?
  5. Define Isotopes.
    Atoms of same element with different numbers of neutrons.
  6. Define relative Isotopic mass.
    the mean mass of an atom of an isotope compared with 1-12th if the mass of an atom of C-12.
  7. Define relative atomic mass ().
    The weighted mean mass of an atom of an element compared to 1-12th of the mass of an atom of C-12.
  8. Define the mole.
    amount of any substance containing as many particles as there are carbon atoms in exactly 12g of the C-12 isotope.
  9. Molar mass(M)
  10. define molecule.
    small group of atoms held together by covalent bond
  11. n= 
  12. n=
    24 000
  13. Define RTP.
    Room temperature and Pressure
  14. At RTP one mole of gas occupies how much space?
  15. n= concentration x ?
  16. n=  ?? x 
    • ?=1000
    • ??= Concentration
  17. What is the Formulae for Sulphuric Acid?
  18. What is the Formulae for Hydrochloric acid?
  19. What is the formulae for Nitric Acid?
  20. define base.
    a species that is a proton acceptor.
  21. define acid.
    A species that's a proton donor
  22. define Alkali.
    Type of base that dissolves in water to form  hydroxide ions (OH)
  23. Define Salt.
    a compound which is formed when the hydrogen ion from an acid has been replaced by a metal ion or another positive ion.
  24. acid + base =
    salt + water
  25. acid + alkali =
    salt + water
  26. acid + carbonate =
    Salt + water + 
  27. define cation.
    positively charged ion.
  28. define anion.
    negatively charge ion.
  29. define Anhydrous.
    A substance containing no water molecule
  30. define Hydrated.
    Crystalline compound containing water molecule.
  31. what is the oxidation state of each element in ?
    • N=-3
    • H=+1
  32. What's the oxidation state of nitrogen in: -  and ?
    • N=+1
    • N=+5
  33. define redox reaction.
    a reaction which both reduction and oxidation take place.
  34. define reduction.
    gain of electrons
  35. define oxidation.
    loss of electrons
  36. metal + acid =
    Salt + 

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