Rise of Western Europe

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  1. What did the Romanesque continue
    Roman tradition in Europe
  2. What were the arches like in the Romanesque
    Round Roman arches
  3. What does thick walls equal less of
    Less windows
  4. What kind of towers did the Romanesque church have
    Bell Towers
  5. What did the Gothic church architecture bring to the church
    New style-break from the past (1100s-1400s)
  6. What did the Gothic church focus on
    Glory to God through building
  7. What was the goal of the Gothic church
    Height and Light
  8. What did the Gothic church use
    Flying buttresses and steeples
  9. What did the Gothic church emphasize
    Statues and Carvings
  10. What kind of arches and glass did the Gothic church use
    Pointed arches and stained glass windows
  11. What was the year of the crusades
  12. What were the Crusades
    Series of wars between Christian and Muslims over God's Holy land (Jerusalem)
  13. Who did Pope Urban II call and what did it lead to
    Called the Christians to actions (1095) and led to the first Crusade
  14. What was the goal of the first crusade
    Reclaim the Holy Land (Jerusalem)
  15. What did the Christians do when they captured Jerusalem
    Built Crusading states
  16. Who were the Muslims forces led by & what did he do
    Saladin. Recaptures Jerusalem in 1187
  17. What do Christian forces never recapture
  18. What do the Crusades do later in 1204
    Attack and sack Constantinople
  19. What was the year of the Plague
  20. Where did the plague move to and along where
    Asia and along trade routes
  21. What did black rats carry
    Fleas that carried the bacteria
  22. Where did the plague follow trade routes
    Med. Sea to the North
  23. What did the plague cause
    Decline in population (40%) and a scarcity of labor
  24. What did the plague disrupt
  25. What did the church lose b/c of the plague
    Lost influences (Can't stop the death)
  26. What did the Muslims still hold at the end of the Crusades
  27. The war of the Crusades weakened who, and strengthened who
    Weakened the Pope and strengthened the King
  28. What did the Crusades cause
    Lasting bitterness between the Christian-Muslims
  29. What did the war of Crusades increase
    Increased attacks on Jews in Europe
  30. What did the Crusades stimulate and demand
    Trade and demand for Asian Goods (Gods?)
  31. What did the Crusades introduce
    Introduction of Arabic numbers to Europe
  32. What did the Crusades rise money wise
    Rise of banking and credit lines to promote trade
  33. What did the Crusades rise
    Rise of Italian cities as trade centers of Europe
  34. What happened to the population between 1000-1300
  35. What developed in the changing world
    3 Field Crop System-more production
  36. What was the new technology of the changing world
    Iron plows and tools, horse shoes, and collars
  37. What happened to Manors in the Changing World
    Aren't able to produce all goods
  38. What did the change in the manor system lead to
    More, trade, cities and economic changes
  39. What was the first to open in Europe
  40. What is Latin replaced by
    Local languages(Vernacular)
  41. Who was Thomas Aquinas and how did he use Greek philosophy
    Most famous scholastic scholar. Used Greek philosophy to prove the existence of God
  42. What did William the Conqueror do and in what year
    United England (1066)
  43. What was William the Conqueror known as
    Norman conquest (from Normandy, France)
  44. What did William the Conqueror win
    Wins the throne at the battle of Hastings
  45. What did King Henry II introduce (1180)
    Introduced Common Law and Jury trials
  46. Answer was scholasticism
    Combined faith and reason
  47. What was King John forced to sign and in what year
    Magna Carta in 1215
  48. What did the Magna Carta do
    Limit the power of the king
  49. Who was crowned the first official king of the French
    Hugh Capet
  50. What does Paris become when the first official king of French is crowned
    Paris becomes French capital and family unifies France
  51. What two places fought in the hundred year war
    English vs France 1337-1453
  52. What was the cause of the Hundred Year war
    Land and Power
  53. Who was France inspired by
    Joan of Arc
  54. Who does France eventually push
  55. What does the Hundred Year War do
    Defines and unifies both France and England
  56. Who does the religious cleansing of Spain cleanse
    Muslims and Jews
  57. Who united Spain
    Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand
  58. What would Charles II do soon
    Expanded empire to the americas
  59. Who won the 100 year war
  60. What was the Parliament
    First 2 body representative group in England created to advise the King
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