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  1. succinct
    short, without using many words
  2. terse
    very brief, like succinct, but with a negitive conotation
  3. euthanasia
    • also called 'mercy killing'- putting an animal
    • (normally) to sleep for good- painless killing.
  4. tuscany
    [tuscany soup- a spcial type of soup- (very good btw)]
    a region in italy
  5. drab
    colorless, boring
  6. obituary
    • a notice of the death
    •  of a person,often with
    •  a biographical sketch,
    •  as in a newspaper.
  7. cumulative
    • increasing or growing by accumulation or
    • successive additions
  8. accumulation
    • צבירה
    • לצבור
  9. atonment
  10. the geneva conventions
    אמנת ז'נבה
    חוקים בינלאומיים למלחמות
  11. contention 
    (to contend)
    • to hold, claim, argue
    • לטעון
    • טענה
  12. teepee
    • a cone-shaped tent of animal
    •  skins used by
    • American Indians
    • Image Upload 1
  13. stagecoach
    • A stagecoach is a type of 
    • covered wagon for
    • passengers and goods.
    • It is strongly sprung
    • and drawn by four horses,
    • usually four-in-hand.
    • Widely used before
    • the introduction of
    •  railway transport,
    • it made regular trips 
    • between stages or
    • stations, which were
    • places of rest 
    • provided for
    • stagecoach travelers.Image Upload 2
    • כרכרת סוסים
  14. covered wagon
    • a large wagon with a high,
    •  bonnetlike canvas top,
    •  especially such a wagon 
    • used to transport possessions
    •  across the 
    • North American plains 
    • during the 
    • westwardmigrations
    •  in the 19th century. 
    • Covered wagons were primarily
    • used to transport goods. 
    • Small children, the elderly,
    • and the sick or injured
    • rode in them.
    • Image Upload 3
  15. proverb
  16. stagnate
    • to cease to run or flow, 
    • as water, air, etc.
    • to be or become stale or foul 
    • from standing
    • as a pool of water.
    • to stop developing, growing, 
    • progressing, or advancing
    • My mind is stagnating from 
    • too much TV.
    • to be or become sluggish and dull:
    •  When the leading lady left,
    •  the show started to stagnate.
  17. 1.incredulous
    • 1.not credulous; disinclined or
    •  indisposed to believe; skeptical.
    • indicating or showing unbelief:
    •  an incredulous smile.
    • ספקני,אי-אמון
    • 2.(adverb)בספקנות, באי-אמון
  18. allege
    • assert without proof.
    • declare with
    •  positiveness;
    •  affirm; assert: 
    • to allege a fact.
    • declare before a court
    •  or elsewhere, as if under oath.
    • plead in support of;
    •  offer as a reason or excuse.
  19. א. איד
    ב. שמח לאיד
    • א. צרה, אסון, שבר
    • ב. נהנה מצרת אחרים (בייחוד הנאה מתוך נקם) "שמח לאיד לא ינקה"- משלי
  20. sober
    פיקח- ההפך משיכור
  21. גהה עם שתי קמצים
    גהה עם צירה וקמץ
    • הסיר מחלה
    • רפואה, מרפא

    משלי- לב שמח ייטיב גהה
  22. qualm
    • a pang or sudden feeling of
    •  doubt, esp concerning
    •  moral conduct;
    •  scruple (he has no qualms
    • about lying).
    • a sudden sensation of
    •  misgiving or unease
  23. indispensable
    • cannot be thrown out
    • absolutely necessary,
    •  essential, or requisite:
    •  an indispensable member of
    •  the staff
    • incapable of being
    •  disregarded or neglected:
    •  an indispensable obligation.
  24. delegate
    (noun and verb)
    • a person designated to act for or represent others; representative (mainly political things...)
    • to send or appoint (a person) as a representative. (שליח ציבור for example)
  25. גושפנקה
    • מכסה או סגר שאוטם את פיט של כלי קיבול
    • חותם (חותם טבעת); חותם רשמי של בעל סמכות (מסמך, פעולה וכד
    • בהשאלה- מתן לגיטימציה אישור או הסכמה
  26. acquiecse
    agree; to act in accordance with wishes/ requests silently or without protest
  27. pejorative
    (words or expressions) having an unpleasant or belittling or מזלזל connotation or effect
  28. intrinsic
    belonging to a thing by its very nature. synonyms- native, innate, true, real

    • not essential, not a basic part or quality (like not about the thing itself but for other reasons...)
    • being outside a thing, outward or external, operating or coming from without.
  29. inconspicuous
    • not noticeable, not easily seen
    • (easily seen or noticed, clearly visible
    • attracting special attention)
  30. Slug in hebrew
    Image Upload 4חשופית
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