Home Economics - The Family

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  1. State four different family structures
    1. Nuclear family

    2. Extended family

    3. One parent family

    4. Blended family
  2. Describe four changes to family life and structure that have occurred in Ireland over the last number of decades
    1. Increase in one parent families

    2. Increase in cohbaiting couples

    3. Increase in blended families

    4. Incrase in isolation
  3. List three types of needs provided for by the family and give an example of each
    1. Physical needs eg. food, clothing, shelter

    2. Emotional needs eg. love, security, support

    3. Social needs eg. guidance on what is right and wrong
  4. Name four children's rights within the family
    1. Love and security

    2. Care

    3. Education

    4. Protection from neglect or abuse
  5. List four responsibilities teenagers have within the family
    1. To respect household rules

    2. To show respect for all family members

    3. To help out in the runnning of the home

    4. To behave in an acceptable way in society
  6. What is meant by the term 'gender stereotyping'?
    This is having a fixed and often wrong idea about men's and women's personalities eg. women are emotional and men are not
  7. What is meant by the term 'gender role stereotyping'?
    This is having a fixed and often wrong idea about how men and women should behave in society

    For example women should do the childrearing and housework and men should go out to work
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