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  1. alguno que otro (cosa)
    the occasional (thing)
  2. canal
  3. concurso
    game show
  4. considerarse
    to consider oneself
  5. controvertido
  6. la crisis ambiental/economica/politica
    environmental/economic/political crisis
  7. detallado
  8. documental
  9. de modo...
    in a ... way
  10. educativo
  11. emisora
    radio/tv station
  12. Es evidente que...
    it's evident that...
  13. estar al tanto
    to be up-to-date
  14. estar bien/mal informado
    to be well/poorly informed
  15. Estoy convencido de que...
    I'm convinced that
  16. Estoy seguro que
    I'm positive that...
  17. imparcial
  18. informar
    to inform
  19. Informativo
  20. inspirarle confianza
    to inspire trust in
  21. investigar
    to research
  22. el locutor
    announcer, newscaster
  23. el programa de radio (a microfono abierto)
    (call-in) radio show
  24. La noticias (en lineas)
    (online) news
  25. noticiero
  26. parcial
  27. pasar por alto
    to overlook
  28. fiable
  29. radio
  30. reportaje
    news report
  31. reportero
  32. resenar
    review, critique
  33. telenovela
    soap opera
  34. tratar un tema a fondo
    to cover a topic in depth
  35. Dudo que estes bien informado que  sobre... / que sepas
    I doubt that you are well informed about... / that you know
  36. No creo que los periodistas sean
    I dont think that journalists are...
  37. No estoy seguro que tengas razon sobre...
    Im not sure that you're right about...
  38. Parece mentira que haya.../ que digan...
    It's hard to believe that there are... / that they say
  39. anuncios clasificados
    classified ads
  40. atriculo
  41. censura
  42. comentario
  43. Como supiste el resultado?
    How did you find out the score?
  44. Como te enteraste de...?
    How did you find out about...?
  45. editoriales
    editorial section
  46. el enfoque local/nacional/mundial
    local/national/world perspective
  47. entrevisitar
  48. Estaba en la primera plana
    It was on the front page
  49. Lo lei en la seccion deportiva
    I read it in the sports section
  50. obituarious
  51. opinar
    to think, to be of the opinion
  52. periodista
  53. prensa
  54. primera plana
    front page
  55. seccion deportiva
    sports section
  56. seccion de cocina
    cooking section
  57. seccion financiera
    financial section
  58. seccion de moda
    fashion section
  59. seccion de ocio
    entertainment section
  60. seccion de sociedad
    society section
  61. suscribirse a
    to subscribe to
  62. tiras comicas
    comic strips
  63. titulares
  64. Entiendo algo de... pero nada de
    I understand a little about... but nothing about...
  65. Que se yo de...? No entiendo ni jota de...
    what do you know about...? I dont understand a thing about...
  66. No tengo la menor idea si
    I dont have the slightest idea if...
  67. Que yo sepa, hay...
    That i know of, there is/are
  68. alcanzar
    to reach
  69. antepasados
  70. aporte
  71. apoyar
    to support
  72. el apoyo
  73. aprovechar
    to take advantage of
  74. asimilar
    to assimilate
  75. compromiso
    commitment, obligation
  76. contribuir
    to contribute
  77. el estilo de vida
  78. costumbres
  79. crisarse
    to grow up
  80. desafio
  81. discriminar
    to discriminate
  82. encajar
    to fit in
  83. estar agradecido por
    to be thankful for
  84. expresarse
    to express
  85. grupo etnico
    ethnic group
  86. habia muchos desafios en...
    There were many challenges in
  87. herencia
  88. mantener
    to maintain
  89. Mis... enfrentaron obstaculos cuando...
    My... faced obstacles when....
  90. modo de ser
    way of being
  91. Nos costo traba acostumbrarnos a...
    It took a lot of work for us to get used to...
  92. orgullo
  93. origen
  94. pertenecer a
    to belong to
  95. Poco a poco se adaptaron a ...
    little by little they adapted to...
  96. raices
  97. sacrificio
  98. ser de ascendencia
    to be of... descent
  99. tradicion
  100. tener exito
    to be successful
  101. Tuvimos que hacer un gran esfuerzo para...
    We had to make a big effort to...
  102. Con el tiempo pude asimilar...
    With time i was able to assimilate...
  103. Gracias al apoyo de ...he podido superar...
    Thanks to the support of... I was able to overcome...
  104. Nos esforzamos en...
    We made a big effort to...
  105. Por fin, logre...
    Finally, i managed to...
  106. Trabajo duro... y por eso...
    I work hard... and for that reason...
  107. acostumbrarse
    to get accustomed to
  108. antes que empiecen las clases, quiero...
    Before classes start, i want to...
  109. apiraciones
  110. cuando sea mayor, me gustaria
    when im older, I'd like to...
  111. darse por vencido
    to give up
  112. empenarse en
    to insist on
  113. En cuanto compla los... anos, voy a...
    As soon as I turn... years old, I'm going to
  114. enfocarse en
    to focus on
  115. esforzarse en
    to make an effort to
  116. establecerse
    to get established
  117. llegar a ser
    to become
  118. lograr
    to achieve
  119. luchar por
    to fight for
  120. meta
  121. objectivo
  122. realizar un sueno
    to fulfill a dream
  123. seguir adelante
    to move forward
  124. sonar con
    to dream of
  125. Tan pronto como... pienso...
    As soon as... I plan on...
  126. Tengo la intencion de...
    I intend to...
  127. tomar la iniciativa
    to take the initiative
  128. triunfar
    to triumph
  129. Voy a ... con la idea de...
    Im Going to... with the intention of...
  130. Hablamos del tema; por consiguiente...
    We discussed the issue; consequently
  131. Mi exito en... se debe a...
    My success in... is due to...
  132. No estudie, asi que...
    I didnt study, so...
  133. Soy bilingue; por lo tanto, tengo muchas oportunidades...
    Im bilingual; therefore, I have many opportunities
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