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  1. 8 characteristics of life:
    • Metabolise (autotroph/heterotroph)
    • Reproduce (asexual - binary fission, budding, mutation/sexual)
    • Respire (ectotherm/endotherm)
    • Growth (mitosis)
    • Excrete (excretion/egestion)
    • Stimuli (irritability)
    • Move (locomotion)
    • Death
  2. List the components of the living condition.
    Organelle - membrane bound subdivision of a cell, specialized for a specific function.

    Cell - basic unit of living things.

    Tissue - group of similar cells with specialization for a particular function.

    Organ - group of tissues bound together to perform a particular function.

    Organ system - group of organs working together to perform a particular function.

    Organism - a living thing.
  3. Calculating linear magnification.
    Magnification = actual size of scale bar/actual size of scale bar

    Actual size object = size of image/magnification
  4. Nucleus
    • - Contents of nucleus are called nucleoplasm.
    • - Nucleus controls cell activity through DNA.
    • - Directs protein synthesis and cell division.
    • - Nucleus surrounded by double membrane.
    • - Contains nucleolus - composed of proteins,  
    • DNA, RNA which produce ribosomes.
  5. Endoplasmic reticulum
    Network of membrane bound sacks (cisternae).

    Smooth ER - synthesis of lipids, steroids and transport of materials in cell and between cells. Deoxifies drugs and some metabolites.

    • Rough ER - ribosomes on membrane surface which are involved in synthesis of proteins. Transport of proteins occurs in cisternae.
  6. Mitochondria
    • - Bound by double membrane.
    • - Inner membrane folded into cristae, which increases surface area for attachment of enzymes.
    • - Membranes enclose a matrix cristae which provides different sites for various stages of aerobic respiration and production of ATP.
    • - Contain mitochondrial DNA and ribosomes which control enzyme production and allow replication.
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