Medic 14 Chapter 16 Notes

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  1. Digestive System
    • Digestive tract
    • Accessory organs
  2. Digestive tract
    muscular tube
  3. Accessory organs
    Salivary glands,gallbladder,liver, and pancreas
  4. Digestive functions
    • Ingestion
    • Mechanical processing
    • digestion
    • secretion
    • absorption
    • excretion
  5. Digestive tract layers
    • mucosa
    • submucosa
    • muscularis externa
    • serosa
  6. Mucosa
    • Mucous membrane
    • lamina propria _loose connective tissue layer
    • Villi in small intestine
    • Oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, and anus have stratified squamous epithelium
    • remander has simple squamous with secretory cells
    • contractions of the muscularious move the mucosal folds and vili
  7. submucosa
    • second layer of loose connective tissue
    • large blood vessels
    • sensory neurons
    • parasympathtic motor neurons
    • submucosal plexus involved controlling and coordination contractions of smooth muscle layers
  8. Muscularis externa
    • band of smooth muscles in circular layer and an londituadal layer
    • contractions both agrigate materials and propel them
    • controlled bythe myenteric plexus
    • parasympathetic
  9. Serosa
    • serious membrane
    • covers the muscularis externa along the mst portions of the digestive tract withing the peritoneal cavity
  10. The visceral peritoneum is continous with
    the parietal peritoneum
  11. portions of the digestive tract at suspended by
    mesenteries,double sheets of serous membrane composted of the parietal and viseral peritoneum
  12. Adventitia
    fibrous wrapping of adjacent structures
  13. peristalstis
    muscularis externa propels materials from one part to the next
  14. Panceratic islets secrete
    insulin and glucogon
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