week 14

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  1. Explain how trade contributed to the development of powerful states in sub-Saharan West Africa.
  2. Identify the key components of traditional African religions (Animism)
  3. List the practical benefits that African kingdoms gained by conversion to Islam
  4. Describe the principle of divine kingship current in West African societies before the introduction of Islam
  5. Compare the culture and political structure of the Kingdoms of Ghana and Mali
  6. Describe the contributions of King Mansa Musa to the spread of Islam in West Africa
  7. Summarize Ibn Battuta’s impressions of the Kingdom of Mali and Islam in West African
  8. Identify the sources and signs of the economic prosperity in the Kingdom of Kush
  9. Describe the economic base of the Ethiopian kingdom and trace its geographic expansion
  10. Describe the unique features of the architectural monuments created to honor Ethiopian kings
  11. Explain the role played by Christianity in the revival and expansion of Ethiopia after the 10th century
  12. Describe the unique churches created by King Lalibela at the beginning of the 13th century
  13. Explain the unique features of the Indian Ocean compared to the other oceans of the world
  14. Describe the importance of Indian Ocean trade in the economic development of East Africa
  15. Identify the components of the Swahili language and culture and flourished along the east coast of Africa
  16. Describe the architectural and archeological remains found in the Zimbabwe region of southern Africa
  17. Identify the source of economic wealth of the people who built the zimbabwes
  18. Recognize the geographic origin of the first inhabitants of the Americas
  19. Meroe
  20. Monsoons
  21. Saleh
  22. Timbuktu
  23. Teff
  24. King Ezana
  25. Aksum
  26. King Lalibela
  27. Emeperor Haile Selassi
  28. Solomid Dynasty
  29. Divine Kingship
  30. Benin Bronzes
  31. Fixed-wind system
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