Physics Unit 2 definitions

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  1. Define the period of a wave
    The time taken for a complete oscillation of a wave
  2. Define what is meant by 'in phase'
    Being at the same point of oscillation cycles at the same time.
  3. Define diffraction
    The spreading out of waves when they meet obstacles, e.g the edges of a slit.
  4. Define the frequency of a wave
    The number of complete oscillations that pass a given point in one second.
  5. Define a longitudinal wave.
    When the oscillations of the particles are parallel to the propagation of the wave
  6. State the principle of superposition
    When waves from 2 or more travel in the same region, the resultant displacement at any point is the vector sum of the displacements of the two waves
  7. Define amplitude
    The maximum value of displacement of a particle from its equilibrium position
  8. Define a transverse wave
    The particle oscillations are at right angles to the propagation of the wave
  9. Define refraction
    When a wave passes obliquely from one medium to another, it changes direction
  10. Define 'n'
    The number of free electrons per cubic metre
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