Hebrew 18

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  1. תּוֹעֵבָה
    Abomination, abhorrence, offensive thing
  2. גָֹּדַל
    (Q) To grow up, be(come) great, strong, wealthy
  3. יָטַב
    (Q) to be well with, go well with, be pleasing to
  4. tongue, language
  5. מַמְלָכָה
    kingdom, dominion, reign
  6. קָדוֹש
    Holy, set apart
  7. שָרַף
    (Q) to burn (completely), destroy
  8. שָפַךְ
    (Q) to pour (out), spill, shed blood
  9. שָלֵם
    (Q) to be complete, be finished
  10. נָבָא
    (Ni) to prophecy, be in a state of prophetic ecstasy
  11. קָטַר
    (Pi) to make a sacrifice go up in smoke, offer by burning
  12. כׇּבֵד
    (Q) to be heavy, be weighty, be honored
  13. בָּכָה
    (Q) to weep (in grief or joy), weep for
  14. מִגְרָש
    open land, pasture
  15. שֶקֶר
    lie, deception, falsehood
  16. בִּלְתִּי
    (negate Inf Cstr) not, except
  17. לָבַש
    (Q) to put on a garment, clothe, be clothed
  18. עַמּוּד
    pillar, column, tent pole
  19. יָדָה
    (Hi) to thank, praise, confess
  20. כָּנָף
    (fs) wing, edge, extremity
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