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  1. bibliography card
    3x5 index card identifying one source with bibliographic information
  2. bibliography
    list of books, etc. about a particular topic
  3. bibliographic information
    author, book title, publication place, publication company, date of publication
  4. works cited
    complete record of your sources, typed
  5. thesis statement
    a statement of your main idea, replaces the statement of controlling purpose in your report
  6. preliminary outline
    brainstorming outline used to guide research
  7. formal outline
    outline used to organize written draft
  8. source
    book, internet website, article, etc. from which information is gathered
  9. to cite
    to show where you get information in a paper
  10. citation
    reference information in parentheses located in a paper (Smith 63)
  11. to document
    to use citations with a research paper (parenthetical documentation)
  12. documentation
    information in a research paper that tells about the sources used
  13. note cards
    4x6 cards used to paraphrase, summarize, or quote notes from a source
  14. guideline topic
    single idea about the topic found at the top left of the note card
  15. source number
    each bibliography card has a circled number in the upper right corner that matches the number of the source note
  16. source note
    each note card has the source number and the note number listed in the upper right corner identifying both the source and the item of information from the text
  17. parenthetical
    to put within parenthesis ( )
  18. citing a source
    placing a citation within your research report
  19. call number
    the Dewey Decimal library card catalog number located on the binding of the book which identifies the book's location in a library
  20. page reference
    page number(s) where information is found; put on note card in upper right-hand corner and in parenthetical documentation in paper
  21. paraphrase
    puts ideas in a source in your own words
  22. summarize
    shortens or condenses lengthy ideas (paragraphs/chapters) into one's own words
  23. quotation
    repeating the words of a source exactly as written, will be surrounded by quotation marks
  24. to quote
    to use the exact words of another
  25. plagiarism
    the act of intentionally or unintentionally presenting work done by someone else as though it were your own
  26. title page of book
    first page in a book that contains complete title, author, and sometimes publisher
  27. copyright page
    usually found on the back of the title page; has Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data, websites, dates of publication, publishing company, and copyright infringment
  28. MLA
    Modern Language Association form of parenthetical referencing used in English papers
  29. edition date
    date of publication of the actual book used
  30. original copyright
    date of the first time the book was published
  31. title and subtitle
    name of the book and extended title; normally separated by a colon
  32. editor
    person who selects the material for a published work
  33. manuscript or text
    the actual paper written
  34. rough draft
    the working copy of one's text with or without revision and editing
  35. final draft
    typed formal copy of written text including cover page, outline, text, works cited page, and has been edited and revised
  36. point of ellipsis
    used when one doesn't include an "entire quotation..."
  37. et. al
    Latin term meaning "and others" used in bibliographic information when there is a group of individuals
  38. qtd. in
    Latin term meaning "quoted in" used in bibliographic information when the original source of text has been quoted in another work
  39. rpt.
    abrieviation for "reprint" used in bibliographic information when an original source has been printed in a different source
  40. abr.
    abrieviation for "abridged" meaning shortened from the original text; used in bibliographic information
  41. vol.
    abrieviation for "volume" of an encyclopedia, journal, or magazine periodical followed by a numerical or roman numeral
  42. ed.
    abrieviation for "editor" used in bibliographic information
  43. ill.
    abrieviation for "illustrator" used in bibliographic information
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