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  1. peptic ulcer
    • is breakdown of mucosal lining resulting in
    • autodigestion
  2. duodenal ulcer
    ulcer occurs in even greater frequency...keep in mind H.                                      pylori is a prominant player in this disease
  3. gastric ulcers
    are less common and tend to be more chronic ulcers generally follow the pain-food-relief pattern, or relief by the use of antacids
  4. Crohn’s Disease
    • is regional (skip areas) in both sm. and lg. intestine, familial                          like ulcerative
    • colitis, and hard to differentiate from it also.
  5. Appendicitis
    • inflammation of veriform appendix, often by fecalith - hardened                               fecal material
    • blocking appendix resulting in pressure, hypoxia and                                     anaerobic bacterial growth.   Rebound tenderness of rt. lower quad.
  6. Pancreatitis is inflammation of pancreas
    • autodigestion, digestive enzymes into                    blood
    • stream.  Chronic form usually due to
    • chronic alcohol abuse
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