SAT Vocab Set #16

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  1. Prudent
    wise; shrewd; cautious
  2. Puerile
  3. Qualify
    to limit the meaning of a previous statement; to modify
  4. Quandary
    a state of confusion or doubt; dilemma
  5. Quarantine
    forced isolation to prevent the spread of disease
  6. Quell
    to calm; pacify
  7. Querulous
    constantly complaining
  8. Rampant
    unrestrained; widespread
  9. Ratify
    approve (by formal vote, for example); confirm
  10. Rebuff
    to ignore or reject strongly; snub
  11. Rebuttal
    denial or contradiction; argument; refutation
  12. Recant
    take back something you've said; withdraw a statement or belief
  13. Recluse
    person who prefers to be alone all the time; someone withdrawn from the rest of society
  14. Recondite
    hidden; difficult to understand; profound
  15. Redolent
    strongly scented; fragrant
  16. Redundant
    more than what is necessary; repetition of words or ideas in speech or writing
  17. Relegate
    reduce or demote to an inferior place or position; banish
  18. Relevancy
    having a clear relationship to the matter at hand
  19. Remorse
    a feeling of guilt; regret; self-reproach
  20. Reprimand
    scold; criticize
  21. Reprove
    scold; criticize; disapprove of
  22. Repudiate
    disown; reject
  23. Reserve
    the ability to control your emotions and actions; self-restraint
  24. Resign
    give in; acquiesce; relinquish
  25. Resolve
    determination; strong will
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