SAT Vocab Set #17

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  1. Reticent
    quiet; uncommunicative
  2. Revere
    greatly respect
  3. Rotund
  4. Rudimentary
    undeveloped; fundamental; elementary
  5. Salubrious
    promoting health
  6. Salutary
    promoting health, or having some beneficial effect
  7. Sanction
    approve; give consent
  8. Sanguine
    optimistic; cheerful
  9. Sardonic
    humorous, but humor tinged with sarcasm or disdain; cynical
  10. Scanty
    small in quantity; insufficient
  11. Scrupulous
    very thorough; or, doing what is right and ethical
  12. Scrutinize
    examine closely; inspect carefully
  13. Seclusion
    separation from other people; isolation
  14. Sectarian
    limited to the beliefs of a small group, such as a religious sect; narrow in scope
  15. Seditious
    trying to stir up a revolt against an authority figure
  16. Sententious
    short and to the point; terse
  17. Serpentine
    coiled; twisted; winding
  18. Servile
    like a slave; subservient; submissive
  19. Skeptic
    one who doesn't believe unless he's shown absolute proof; doubter
  20. Slander
    negative oral remarks about another person that are untrue
  21. Slough
    discard; cast off; shed
  22. Solemn
    serious; somber; grave
  23. Somber
    dark; gloomy
  24. Sonorous
    loud, full in sound; booming
  25. Specious
    having a false or misleading appearance; only seeming to be true
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