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  1. Terse
    of few words; to the point; pithy
  2. Thrifty
    careful about managing money
  3. Timorous
  4. Tirade
    a long and bitter speech; diatribe
  5. Torpid
    sluggish; dull; lacking enthusiasm
  6. Translucent
    permitting light to pass through
  7. Trepidation
  8. Trite
    overused; common; stale
  9. Truculent
    aggressive; savage; cruel
  10. Turbulence
    violent disturbance
  11. Tyranny
    government based on absolute power or cruelty
  12. Ubiquitous
    existing everywhere at the same time
  13. Unanimous
    in total agreement
  14. Undermine
    to weaken by wearing away the foundation; to sabotage
  15. Undulate
    move in a wavy manner
  16. Unerring
    without making a mistake
  17. Uniform
    similar; consistent
  18. Unkempt
    messy; sloppy
  19. Unprecedented
    the first of its kind
  20. Upbraid
    criticize severely; scold
  21. Usurp
    to seize or take over by force
  22. usury
    the practice of charging a very high rate of interest on loans
  23. Vacillate
    move back and forth between choices, unable to decide
  24. Vacuous
    empty; stupid; purposeless
  25. Vagrant
    homeless person; wanderer
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