Day 5 - Bloodborne Pathogens

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  1. Which of the following is not an example of another potentially infectious material (OPIM)?

    blood from experimental animals infected with HIV or HBV

    cerebrospinal fluid

    unfixed body organs

  2. OSHA's bloodborne pathogen standard covers
    all employees in jobs where occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens can be "reasonably anticipated."

  3. Which form of Hepatitis currently has no vaccination available?
    Hep C

  4. Which of the following is a possible way for transmission of bloodborne pathogens to occur?

    a nursing assistant punctures his thumb with a needle he just used on a patient
    a worker picking up broken glass from a dropped specimen jar containing potentially infectious material cuts her hand on a shard of glass

    a lab worker accidentally splashes blood in his eye during the preparation of a slide
    • all of the above

  5. Which of the following is a true statement concerning handwashing after occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials?
    • The best practice is to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water after any potential exposure

  6. If you cut your finger opening an ampoule you should finish opening the rest of the ampoules and then wash your hands afterwards.

  7. In a work place that uses "universal precautions" for infection control, which of the following is true?
    • all blood and other potentially infectious materials are handled as if they were known to be infectious

  8. Used trocars, needles, scalpels, suture needles, forceps and needle holders are considered sharps or dirty instruments and should be handled by the MD or their staff for disposal.

  9. We should always dispose of any dirty gauze or bloody draping that a provider has used during an insertion as a service to our customers

  10. If you believe you have been exposed to blood or another potentially infectious material you should
    • Notify the onsite supervisor of the office you are in immediately and follow their protocol, then notify Christine Burns and your manager
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