Verbs ch. 7-11

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  1. almorzar
    to have lunch
  2. andar
    to walk
  3. beber
    to drink
  4. cocinar
    to cook
  5. conducir
    to drive
  6. cenar
    to have dinner
  7. desayunar
    to have breakfast
  8. merendar
    to have a snack
  9. pagar
    to pay
  10. pedir
    to order
  11. reservar una mesa
    to reserve a table
  12. llevar
    to wear, to take, to carry
  13. prestar
    to loan, to lend
  14. encantar 
    (similar to gustar)
    to love, to like very much
  15. fascinar
    (similar to gustar)
    to fascinate
  16. hacer falta
    (similar to gustar)
    to need, to be lacking
  17. importar
    (similar to gustar)
    to matter, to be important
  18. molestar
    (similar to gustar)
    to bother
  19. quedarle bien/mal
    to fit well/poorly
  20. acordarse de
    to remember
  21. acostarse
    to go to bed
  22. afeitarse
    to shave
  23. arreglarse
    to get ready
  24. bañarse
    to bathe
  25. callarse
    to get/keep quiet
  26. cepillarse
    (el pelo, los dientes)
    • to brush
    • (one's hair, one's teeth)
  27. despertarse
    to wake up, to awaken
  28. divertirse
    to enjoy oneself, to have fun
  29. dormirse
    to fall asleep
  30. ducharse
    to shower
  31. irse
    to go away, to leave
  32. lavarse
    to wash oneself
  33. levantarse
    to get up, to stand up
  34. llamarse
    to be called
  35. maquillarse
    to put makeup on
  36. peinarse
    to comb ones hair
  37. ponerse
    (la ropa)
    to put on (one's clothes)
  38. ponerse
    • to get
    • (nervous)
  39. probarse la ropa
    to try on clothing
  40. quedarse
    to stay, to remain
  41. quitarse
    (la ropa)
    • to take off
    • (one's clothes)
  42. reunirse
    to get together, to meet
  43. secarse
    to dry off
  44. sentarse
    to sit down
  45. sentirse
    to feel
  46. vestirse
    to get dressed
  47. doler
    to hurt
  48. estar enfermo/a
    to be sick
  49. estar sano/a; saludable
    to be healthy
  50. ser alérgico/a
    to be allergic
  51. acabar de + infinitivo
    to have just finished + (something)
  52. caer(se)
    to fall down
  53. cortar(se)
    to cut (one's self)
  54. curar(se)
    to cure, to be cured
  55. enfermar(se)
    to get sick
  56. estornudar
    to sneeze
  57. evitar
    to avoid
  58. guardar cama
    to stay in bed
  59. lastimar(se)
    to get hurt
  60. mejorar(se)
    to improve, to get better
  61. ocurrir
    to occur
  62. quemar(se)
    to burn; to get burned
  63. romper(se)
    to break
  64. tener alergia
    to be allergic
  65. tener (un) catarro, resfriado
    to have a cold
  66. tener (la/una) gripe
    to have the flu
  67. tener una infección
    to have an infection
  68. tener tos
    to have a cough
  69. tener un virus
    to have a virus
  70. tener dolor de cabeza
    to have a headache
  71. tener dolar de espalda
  72. tener dolor de estómago
  73. tener dolor de garganta
    sore throat
  74. toser
    to cough
  75. tratar de
    to try to
  76. vendar(se)
    to bandage (one's self), to dress (a wound)
  77. arreglar/hacer la maleta
    to pack a suitcase
  78. bajar (de)
    • to get down (from)
    • to get off (of)
  79. cambiar
    to change
  80. caminar, ir a pie
    to walk, to go on foot
  81. dejar
    to leave
  82. doblar
    to turn
  83. entrar
    to enter
  84. estacionar
    to park
  85. funcionar
    to work, to function
  86. ir de vacaciones
    to go on vacation
  87. ir de viaje
    to go on a trip
  88. irse del hotel
    to leave the hotel, to check out
  89. llenar
    to fill
  90. manejar/conducir
    to drive
  91. registrarse (en el hotel)
    to check in
  92. revisar
    to check, to overhaul
  93. sacar la licencia
    to get a driver's license
  94. subir
    to go up, to get on
  95. viajar
    to travel
  96. visitar
    to visit
  97. volar
    to fly, to fly away
  98. cuidar
    to take care of
  99. preocuparse (por)
    to worry about, to concern oneself with
  100. apoyar
    to support
  101. botar
    to throw away
  102. combatir
    to fight, to combat
  103. contaminar
    to pollute
  104. elegir
    to elect
  105. estar en huelga
    to be on strike
  106. evitar
    to avoid
  107. hacer daño
    to (do) damage, to harm
  108. llevar a cabo
    to carry out
  109. luchar
    to fight, to combat
  110. matar
    to kill
  111. meterse en política
    to get involved in politics
  112. plantar
    to plant
  113. proteger
    to protect
  114. reciclar
    to recycle
  115. reforestar
    to reforest
  116. reutilizar
    to reuse
  117. resolver
    to resolve
  118. sembrar
    to sow
  119. votar
    to vote
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