Survey of Life

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  1. Why is the cell theory a unifying theme in biology
    It states that all living things are made of cells and therefore shows that all living things are similiar
  2. What is homeostasis
    The ability of living organisms to keep their internal environment stable when conditions around them change
  3. Give an example of how a singled celled organism might maintain homeostasis
    Single cell organism would pass water, nutrients, and waste into and out of the cell across cell membrane, as necessary, to maintain a balance of what is needed
  4. What does a human do in order to maintain homeostasis during exercise
    Breathe harder and more deeply to bring in oxygen to replace what the muscles are using, we might sweat in order to cool the body and keep it from overheating
  5. What does the human body to in order to maintain homeostasis when exposed to very cold temperatures
    Blood vessels get smaller, holding warm blood deeper inside the body to keep the organs warm, we might shiver in order to cause the muscles to move and generate heat
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