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  1. frontal lobes
  2. brocas deals with
  3. cerebellum deals with
  4. upper motor neuron vs lower motor neuron
    • place your hand on hot surface and pull back = lower motor neuron
    • the feeling of hot and saying ouch = upper motor neuron
  5. know Cranial nerves
  6. how many cervical nerves =
  7. sympathic NS =
    • fight or flight - pupils dilate
    • speeds up
  8. parasympathetic NS =
    • parachute
    • rest and digest
  9. in order for deep tendon reflexes you need
    spinal cord intact but you don't have to have brain intact
  10. tract for pain, temperature, light touch =
    spinothalamic tract
  11. Graphesthesia =
    writing and letter on a body part and having the patient identify
  12. stereognosis =
    identifying an object in your hand with your eyes shut
  13. astereognosis =
    inability to identify an object in hand with eyes closed
  14. agraphesthesia =
    inability to recognize a letter traced on a pt. body part with eyes closed
  15. recruitment =
    having a person flexing other muscles and then testing for a reflex in another body part. It helps the tested part relax
  16. stroke away from umbilicus
    the umbilicus will follow = abdominal reflex
  17. cremasteric reflex =
    stroke up a thigh and testicle on the same side will rise
  18. extension posturing =
    decerebrate rigidity
  19. abnormal flexion =
    decorticate rigidity

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