10.01. Overview of Commercial General Liability Insurance

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  1. 2 broad categories of liability loss
    • bodily injury and personal damage liability
    • personal and advertising injury liability
    • CGL form also include medical payments (regardless of liability)
  2. Coverage A - Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
    • premises and operations hazard: usually based on negligence; includes contractual obligation; excludes aircraft, auto, watercraft
    • products and completed operations hazard: includes negligence, strict liability, misrepresentation, fraud, breach of warranty
  3. Coverage B - Personal and Advertising Injury Liability
    • false arrest
    • wrongful eviction
    • libel
    • slander
    • copyright's infrigement
  4. Coverage C - Medical Payments
    • does not require the insured to be legally liable (not technically liability insurance)
    • accident must occur on premises or out of insured's operations
    • much smaller limit of insurance
  5. Other CGL Coverages
    • owners and contractors protective liability
    • railroad protective liability
    • liquor liability
    • electronic data liability
    • product withdrawal
    • pollution
  6. CGL Coverage Forms
    • coverages
    • who is an Insured
    • limits of insurance
    • conditions
    • definitions
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Overview of Commercial General Liability Insurance
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