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  1. Muscles move __ by __.
    Muscles alwaays __; they can __.
    Ability to move a body part in opposite directions requires that __.
    • skeletal parts; contracting
    • contract actively; extend only passively
    • muscles be attached to the skeleton in antagonistic pairs
  2. Each fiber is a what?

    How many kinds of myofilaments are found in each myofibril?
    • single cell with many nuclei (results from cell fusion); consists of bundles of smaller myofibrils arranged longitudinally
    • two
  3. Thin filaments
    consist of two strands of actin and one strand of regulatory protein coiled together. 
  4. Thick filaments
    staggered arrays of myosin molecules
  5. Sarcomere
    Sarcomere = Unit of organization of skeletal muscle ("unit of contraction"). 
  6. Z lines
    the borders of the sarcomere; aligned in adjacent myofibrils. 
  7. I bands
    are areas near the edge of the sarcomere containing only thin filaments. 
  8. A bands
    regions where thick and thin filaments overlap and correspond to the length of the thick filaments. 
  9. H Zones
    areas in the center of the A bands containing only thick filaments.
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