10.03. CGL Coverage A - Exclusions

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  1. a. Expected or Intended Injury
    exclusion does not apply to BI resulting from using reasonable force to protect person or property
  2. b. Contractual Liability
    only apply if liability would have not existed in the absence of a contract
  3. c. Liquor Liability
    applies to companies in the business of liquor and excludes coverage for furnishing liquor to minors
  4. d. e. Workers Comp Exclusions
    prevent CGL from duplicating WC coverage
  5. f. Pollution
    • eliminates coverage for pollution liability claims related to the insurer's premise and operations
    • exceptions: BI or PD from hostile fire, escape of fuel or operating fluids
  6. g. Aircraft, Auto, Watecraft
    • exceptions:
    • watercraft while ashore on insured's premises
    • non-owned, < 26ft not used to carry people or property
    • parking an auto that is not owned, rented or loaned to an insured (covers┬ávalet parking service)
    • liability assumed under an insured contract to the ownership, maintenance or use of aircraft or watercraft
    • operation of certain types of equipment attached to autos
  7. h. Mobile Equipment
    • transportation of mobile equipment in auto
    • use of mobile equipment in prearranged racing, speed, demolition or stunting activity
  8. Exclusions i. to n.
    • i. War
    • j. Damage to Property (use commercial property policy), except rented for 7 days or less; excludes only "that part you're working on", not the whole property
    • k. to l. Insured's Product or Work
    • m. Damage to Impaired Property or Property Not Physically Injured
    • n. Recall of Products
  9. Other Exclusions
    • Personal and Advertising Injury (avoid duplication from coverage B)
    • Electronic Data (not tangible property)
    • Distribution of Material in Violation of Statutes
  10. Fire Legal Liability Coverage
    Exclusions c. through n. do not apply to damage by fire for premises while rented or temporarily occupied with permission of the owner
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